Vennelygaard´s holiday apartment are located in North Zealand’s most beautiful nature near Copenhagen



Vennelygaard was originally built in 1824 as a 4-lane farm with a thatched roof, for the farm there were 30 acres of land. In 1930, 16 acres of land were sold, which is why the farm today is 14 acres of land with 3 bogs.

The farm burned down as a result of children playing with fire in 1932, after which it was rebuilt as a 3-lane farm. The farm’s production supplemented with milk driving and driving with peat supported a family of 2 adults and 5 children. The livestock consisted of cows, pigs, horses and chickens.

There are no animals on the farm today. The stable buildings, including an apartment on the 1st floor of the stable buildings, have in recent years been completely restored, and now appear to be top insulated. On the ground floor there are tiled tiles everywhere with underfloor heating, walls and ceiling are water-scrubbed masonry / vaults. On the 1st floor there are exposed beams and “studio” lights with miles of views, in addition there are lye-treated plank floors everywhere, for the whole building there are the latest installations.

The farm’s main building has just been completely renovated.



Vennelygaard is located in North Zealand’s most beautiful nature, surrounded by Bastrup lake, bogs, forests and a hilly landscape. The farm is located on a small private road where there is a lot of peace and a rich wildlife. It is very normal for deer and other game to roam the farm areas.

Although the farm is located in the middle of the most beautiful nature, it is only 25 km to the Town Hall Square. By car it only takes 25 minutes, just as there is a bus connection every hour. Facilities in the immediate area include two 18-hole golf courses, luxury swimming pools in Farum and Værløse, respectively, as well as a distinct sports and cultural environment in the area.

The location means that there is only a 30 minute drive to the Viking Museum in Roskilde and Roskilde Cathedral in the west, corresponding to a 15-45 minute drive to the castles in Hillerød, Fredensborg and Elsinore, as well as the Louisiana Art Museum in the north.

Whether the wish is a visit to the capital, with the experience opportunities that this provides, Art Museums, Tivoli, the Opera, The Royal Theater, etc., or the wish is a peaceful relaxation by bike around the beautiful nature – then Vennelygaard is a good starting point.